Humaid AlQassimi


These are some of the projects I have worked on…

Custom Secure Linux Distribution Generator · Go · 2021

My BSc Computer Science dissertation project. A system that allows users to create a custom secure Linux distribution using a web app.

Are We Herd-Immune Yet · Python · 2021

A herd-immunity tracker for the COVID-19 vaccine race in the UAE.

CollabDown · JavaScript · 2021

Browser extension which allows downloading and speeding up Bb Collaborate recordings.

Platform · Go · 2020

A platform for posting announcements, tickets, and complaints for students

Cloudflare DDNS Client · Go · 2020

A simple Cloudflare Dynamic DNS Client.

iglü · 2020

A smart home system of the future (group project).

hstatus · (v0.2) · Rust · 2020

A dwm status monitor updater with multiple timezones and low battery flair.

Neat Note · (v0.3.3) · Go · 2019

A Lobsters-like web app for university students to post notes and question.

NS2 Trace File Analysis Tool · (v0.1) · Go · 2019

A trace analysis web app for Network Simulator 2 (ns2) trace files

Fast-Forward with steps formatting · C · 2019

A patch for FF v2.3 to allow steps to be formatted for humans.

godoc2markdown · (v0.1) · Go · 2019

A program which converts Go Doc output to Markdown.

Pew Pew Shooter: Return of the Pews · (v0.2.1) · Lua · 2019

A programming-themed space shooter game written in Lua with LÖVE framework.

ShopSheet · (v0.1) · Go · 2019

An instant ecommerce website generator based on a spreadsheet file.

Learning Bot · Go · 2019

A GitLab bot for providing programming advice based on code repair tools.

hmsh · (v0.2) · Go · 2019

Humaid's un-POSIX-compliant shell.

yabfig · (v0.3) · Go · 2019

A simple BF interpreter, debugger and linter written in Go.

Jukebox Hopper Mod · Java · 2018

A simple Minecraft mod which allows you to use hoppers to insert records into jukeboxes.

bmo Robot Animations · PHP · 2018

Robot's face animations for Interaction Design expo project.

sifrOS · Bash · 2018

A secure and minimal Linux distribution.

4DG · Go · 2018

A 4D movie scripting program which runs on a Raspberry Pi using GPIO.

WhatsMorse · Go · 2018

A morse code web messaging application written in a two-hour hackaton.

XMath · 2017

A tiny learning management system for Android.

CowChina · Go · 2017

CowChina is a logger for a variant of Spades called Hokm. It detects invalid moves (cheating) and winners.

G1M Decompiler · Go · 2017

A simple Casio Basic decoder for '.g1m' files generated by Casio calculators.

Sponge Plugins Archive · Java · 2016

Archive repository of my Sponge plugins.

Question (.NET) · dotNET · 2015

A library of classes which allows you to create questions easily for Console Applications.