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100 Posts to Offload

Jun 14, 2020 · 1 min read

In the past couple of months, many bloggers started to take part in the #100DaysToOffload challenge which is started by Kev Quirk. The goal is to allow bloggers to jump-start their personal blogs by posting once per day for 100 days. Kev later changed the goal of the challenge to publishing 100 posts in a year, as that gives time to draft and refine the posts before publishing.

Horst called the challenge in his blog post: “100DaysToOffload now more like 100PostsToOffload”, hence the name of this post. I’ll try my best to publish a new post about every 3.5 days, while hopefully writing somewhat interesting content.

Today, I finally decided to clean up the website’s source and publish it as open-source. This would make it easier for friends to see how the website is built.

This is my first post in the #100DaysToOffload challenge.

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