Humaid Alqasimi

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This is a coursework project for the Interactive System (F27IS) course at Heriot-Watt University. This Android application is made using MIT App Inventor 2, and below is the description of the application as published on the Google Play Store.

Download the App Inventor file: XMath.aia (160K)

XMath is a tiny learning management system application for Android, it helps teachers and tutors to setup mathematical questions. The questions can be setup and solved on the same device, or can be setup over Bluetooth so that the instructor could beam the questions to students devices. And then students can send back the answers to the instructor’s device.

The application has two accounts, a student’s account and an instructor’s account. The instructor is able to set up the quiz and review the answers Student are able to solve the quiz if it is set up. And the instructor has options to host a Bluetooth server for devices setup on Bluetooth mode.

You can have up to ten times tables questions (for historical reasons). And the instructor is required to set up a new quiz each time a quiz is finished, or receive the quiz over Bluetooth if it is setup on Bluetooth mode.