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Accessing my Laptop Anywhere on iOS through Tailscale

May 6, 2022 · 2 min read

For a really long time, I wanted to access my files from anywhere, and unfortunately there are no applications to securely1 sync files between my phone and computer. Also, keeping a copy of my files on my phone didn’t seem wise from an operational security standpoint.

I was introduced to Tailscale at $WORK, and finally found a use-case for it at home. Tailscale has an iOS client which works really well, and combined with an iOS SSH client, I am able to ssh into my computer. I use Terminus, which also allows me to also access files over SFTP.

So far, I prefer to regularly ssh and view the files on the terminal, as I don’t have to download the files just to view them (and iOS doesn’t come with a basic text editor!).

Setting up Tailscale on NixOS

I have recently started switching my systems to NixOS, so I have a reproducible setup across multiple computers.

On NixOS, enabling Tailscale and OpenSSH is easy, just define:

services.tailscale.enable = true;
services.openssh = {
  enable = true;
  # Only allow authentication using SSH keys.
  passwordAuthentication = false;
  permitRootLogin = "no";

After rebuilding the system, I can simply run doas tailscale up to authenticate. Once Tailscale is installed and authenticated on my iPhone, the two devices can see each other (run tailscale status on Linux).

Next, I put my iPhone’s SSH public key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, and now I can access my laptop anywhere (as long as I keep the lid open, of course!).

  1. Dropbox and alternatives (that work with iOS) do not have E2E encryption, and they don’t guarantee that they will not tamper you files. ↩︎

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