Humaid AlQassimi

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Jukebox Hopper Mod

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Written in Java, licensed under the None license

Mailing list: ~humaid/ (subscribe, archive)

1. Description

Picture of mod in-game

This is a simple Minecraft mod which allows players to use a hopper to insert a record into a Jukebox.

2. Requirements

Requirements of using this mod:

3. Installation

  1. Copy the src directory into your MCP workspace.
  2. Locate the method transferItemsOut() in net.minecraft.tileentity.
  3. Add the following snippet at the beginning of the method:
// Make sure to import the package
    return true;

You should be able to have compile and run the game.

This is tested to work with Minecraft 1.12, it is possible to use this mod with other versions but may require some alternations to the code.