Humaid Alqasimi

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Written in bash, licensed under the BSD-2-Clause license

Mailing list: ~humaid/ (subscribe, archive)

1. Description

Screenshot of a terminal running with the hplayer script running. The first line output from the program is the name of the program in green text, which is Humaid's Mod Player, the second line says Press h for help in grey text. The third line shows the music that is started to play in yellow text, stating Playing ./droid.mod. Then there is a help menu listing. Final line shows a PAUSED text.

This is a simple mod player manager, which uses FFplay in the backend. It simply shuffles the mod music files in the directory and plays them.

It allows you to easily pause and resume the music with convenient key-bindings.

2. Prerequisites

You will need ffmpeg installed and the ffplay binary in the system’s path.

And of course, you will need music files. You can find many on Mod Archive.

3. Usage

Clone the repository, and place music files in the directory. Simply run the script with ./player. Press h on your keyboard to list all available commands.