Humaid Alqasimi

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Code of Conduct

All projects (including mailing lists) follow The Lunduke Code of Conduct.

Below is the complete text of the Code of Conduct.

The Lunduke Code of Conduct

Be Excellent to Each Other.


Q: Wait. That’s it?

A: Yup.

Q: But… but… it’s only 5 words!

A: It is? Cool!

Q: Isn’t that too short to be a viable Code of Conduct?

A: Nah.

Q: It’s too vague! How would you enforce this?!?

A: By being excellent to each other.

Q: What if someone violates this Code of Conduct?

A: I trust you to figure it out.

Q: What if someone talks about politics I disagree with?!?!!?

A: I know a guy who votes for Papa Smurf in every Presidential election. He’s a pretty cool dude.

Q: I’m super angry about something! And a person likes the thing making me angry! What do I do?

A: I dunno. Try hugs?

Q: Are virtual hugs (such as “hugs” and animated .GIFs of teddy bears hugging) excellent?

A: Most excellent.

Q: Huh. Seems so simple!

A: I know, right?

Q: I like you!

A: I like you, too!

The Lunduke Code of Conduct is free for you to use however you like. I [Bryan Lunduke] kinda just copied it from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, anyway.